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 improvisation: the dance of life

I have found incredible joy and freedom in the movement that is not confined.

When we let ourselves be silly and feel ridiculous

And childlike.

When we encourage new neural pathways

New environments for our cells to play in.

It's here that my work and my classes stems from.

Becca Loevy

Coordinator and Facilitator of Guided Awareness Classes and Retreats


Every part of your body is a doorway to the hearty soul


Class/Retreat Structure

-Qi gong techniques/breathing exercises

-Movement prompts to get you moving in new ways including elemental inspirations, hand and foot connection, imagination play

-Musician Collaborations

-Guided Meditations

-Time and Guidance for cultivating creativity


***Each experience is created uniquely for every group/individual.



Please contact for collaborations, requests, ideas, thoughts!


“Here, in the temple of one love, there is no flickering or smoke to our flame. We are natural in our purpose, simply to bring the warmth and light of love to life. We dance, though we are stillness. We are on fire, though we do not burn”


Alana Fairchild, Rumi Oracle 

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