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and evening gently fell


on the quiet cloud of bugs


dusty crusty fragments


sitting on their little bods


they rested on a hilltop


with greener twinkled grass


the cloud of each and every one


congealing in a mass


from far away a sight to see


this huddle of tiny crawlers


shaded by white murky mountains



just a top their shoulders


like snow that has accrued


they made up one big pile


the whiteness of their oneness


dreamed inside their cloudy shell


and when day broke


small eyes blinked open


antennae attune for travel


nature’s journey


a winding path!


a sneeze across the gravel


steady goes those dainty ones


ready for any struggle

for just like god, they move across


earth’s giant, pretty marble 


a family of bouncing weebles


forging streaks across the sky


a perfect bunch of ivory steeples


these milky pilgrims float to fly

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HUGE thank you to: Jennifer Gonzalez (co-creator), Alice Lambert Haleigh Dalke Mikaela Demers (freewaterforartists residency in Toronto) Amy DiLorenzo Jen Gonzalez (co-choreographer) Sarah Gottfried (Michigan love & support) Dean Husted Lisa Krainik William Kenton (videographer) Paul Morland Tiffany Ogburn Owen Prum Lauren Settembrino Nicole Truzzi Kayla Ying Yan

Loevy 2017 Garden of Bugs_edited.png
Jennifer Gonzalez, Becca Loevy.png

Bugs can be an amazing catalyst for looking inside ourselves and our seemingly insignificant habits and annoyances. To the bother! and to becoming the observer.

For a group of park bugs

click here (September 2017, Central Park Installation)

For a meditative circular bug duo click here

(August 2017, Lake Michigan, R&D)

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